[2015-16 Winter Investigation] SinCere

In order to better prepare for the summer social service programmes in 2016, team leaders of four projects in BTP, Yunnan, Hainan, Sichuan and Inner Mongolia, alone with some volunteers, visited their cooperative schools. They carried out thorough investigations and voluntary teaching there for several days in December of 2015.

During this period, the team leaders gained insight about local transport and custom, as well as cooperative schools. Moreover, they looked into the intellect and character of local students through short-term voluntary teaching,making preparations for future teaching in the summer.

Team leaders of some projects also conducted Return Visit Investigations in their cooperative schools in 2015 to collect feedbacks about their previous programmes in last summer and suggestions from the schools.

Through the investigations and voluntary teaching, each team enhanced mutual understanding and communication with partners and gained in-depth knowledge of local situation, which laid the foundation of the summer social service in 2016 with larger scale and longer time.

Below are some photos from SinCere team.


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