BTP 2019 Summer Volunteer recruitment scheme


Starry starry night
Children’s smile twinkling in mind,
Dreams will soon be realized
With BTP volunteers on your side

Breezing breezing wind,
When summer quietly steps in
There are you and me,
To cope, to conquer, to dream

No more creeping please
We are here to fight for your dreams
Blow the whistle with me
BTP members are holding the infinity!

Introduction to Beyond the Pivot
Beyond the Pivot(BTP) is a registered Non-governmental Organization (Ref: CP/LIC/SO/19/41921)initiated by four students from the University of Hong Kong (HKU).
Established in March 2009, BTP has gained much experience and reputation in the years followed and is founded to establish a platform for both volunteers and social workers. There are six volunteer programs in all, which have been launched in Ghana, Mainland China and Hong Kong.

Introduction to 2019 Summer Programs
There are 6 programs being launched in 2019 Summer, ranging from China (Hainan, Sichuan, Yunnan, Inner Mongolia、Hong Kong) to Ghana, Africa. By launching various programs and activities, BTP is determined to cultivate participants’ social responsibility and their sense of global citizen. Furthermore, BTP endeavored to improve the living standard as well as education level, health care, and culture preservation of the target areas. During the program, BTP collects all kinds of information through the researches, which will later be converted into analytical reports and distributed during public exhibitions, so as to raise the further awareness of social responsibility in the public.

Complete the online application form:

Note: *Applications through other channels will not be accepted.

Open for application: Jan. 14th , 2019
Application deadline: 23:59 Jan. 31st, 2019

Interview Arrangement
First round interview period: Feb.1st — Feb. 24th (Depending on programs)
Second round interview period: Feb. 25th –March 3rd (Depending on programs)
Time: To be announced
Venue: For Hong Kong applicants: HKU Campus (Details TBA)
For applicants out of Hong Kong: depending on programs
*Note: The interview will be conducted in 2 rounds. The first round will last 20-30 minutes and the second round will last 1.5—2 hours.

Volunteer Requirements
· 18 years old or above (Before May,2019);
· Current high school student, undergraduate students, postgraduates or working staff;
· In good health;
· Enthusiastic on voluntary work and social service;
· Good at communication and team working

Language requirements:
Volunteers for mainland China programs shall be able to communicate and teach in competent Mandarin Chinese. And they shall be able to read and write Simplified Chinese.
Volunteers for Africa program shall be able to communicate and teach in competent English and they shall be able to comprehend local English accent in relatively short time.

Information session:
Time: Jan. 23rd
Venue: To be announced

Come to our information session and communicate with program leaders face to face!

Contact us

Should you have any enquiry, please feel free to contact us through

For more information on BTP, please visit continuous interest in our programs would be much appreciated.

For programs details, please feel free to contact through:
Go to Africa (Ghana)Program:
Hello Neverland(Hainan) Program:
Sincere (Sichuan)
Yondor Narnia(Yunnan) Program:
Into Miracle (Inner Mongolia) Program:


1. I am not a student of the University of Hong Kong; can I apply for the programs?
A: Yes. All participants over 18 years old with passion of charity are welcome, including undergraduates, postgraduates and people in employment in Mainland China and overseas.

2. I would like to join the programs. However, I am not sure that my holiday time matches the programs. What should I do?
A: We try our best to arrange the teaching time before the local children having their holiday; so please choose an appropriate time for your own, or join “Go 2 Africa” program, which will start later in July.

3. Are there language requirements to join the BTP programs? I want to join the “Go 2 Africa” program, but I don’t know any African languages.
A: Medium of all our programs in Mainland China is Mandarin; so you don’t have to worry about joining these programs if you are a native speaker of Putonghua. However, the “Go 2 Africa” program requires fluent English speaking skills to teach. Local guides and translators will help the volunteers, too.

4. If I failed in one program, can I apply for another one?
A: In fact, we don’t accept this. However, in an interview, if you show strong interest in another program, and the interviewer also thinks you are more suitable for that program; we may transfer you to the program and related process when you fail the previous one.

5. After passing the interviews and became a volunteer, what should I do?
A: If you are accepted as a volunteer of BTP summer programs, we will charge you an amount of deposit to confirm your participation, as a part of the program fees. All fees will be settled after the program. Once you are confirmed, you are then required to join the training sessions, for better preparation. For participants outside Hong Kong, we will sent you materials and notes of the training sessions accordingly.

6. Is there any risk in joining the programs?
A: Any volunteer programs that involve deep local engagements pose certain risks. BTP will organize vaccinations and insurances for volunteers to counter the risks. We will also prepare sufficient medicine. Besides, our local partners will also provide necessary security measures for the whole team. As long as volunteers finish pre-departure preparations, and stick with the whole team, there won’t be much security issue.

7. What about the cost. Will the budget change?
A: Budget information with reference to past programs has been provided in recruitment posts. The exact budget will be updated according to our interactions with local partners. Under normal circumstances, the actual cost will not differ much from budget. After you have been formally accepted, our team leaders will inform you with updates.

8. Can I quit halfway after I am accepted?
A: Normally you will have at least two days to consider whether to formally become a volunteer after we inform you interview results. Once you accept our invitation, and pay a certain amount of deposit before specified date, your rights, obligations and responsibilities as a volunteer will be effective immediately. Each of our volunteers has his/her corresponding tasks, and abrupt quitting will have much impact on the program and other volunteers. Therefore we strongly advise you only accept our invitation after thorough consideration. If you quit one-sidedly before departing, the deposit will not be refunded.

9. Where will the teams depart?
A: Our team leaders will depart from Hong Kong. Volunteers can choose to depart together with team leaders, or converge with the team at provincial cities near the destination. Please ensure that you communicate with team leaders well in process, and be sure to arrive on time. Please pay attention to your safety en route.

10. Is it possible that after the program ends, I do not comeback with the teams, but instead go traveling on my own?
A: As of Africa program, we strongly advise that volunteers stay with the team for all the duration, and return to Hong Kong or Mainland China together.

This summer, BTP is looking for you!

HKU BTP 2018-2019 Team Leader and Secretary Recruitment Information

志行会   HKUBTP

As one tree shaking another

One cloud touching another

And one soul arousing another

This is how easy and tender charity can be

We are still here

In the rainstorm

In the sun

Where are you?

Loving families of the same aspirations

Shining eyes of innocent children

And the resonance of hearts under different colored skin

If these are also what you desire

Come here with us!


About BTP

Beyond the Pivot (BTP) is a registered charity (Hong Kong Charity IR File No. 91/10725) founded by students from the University of Hong Kong. Its work is carried out by 36 current committee members and it has recruited around seven hundred volunteers so far. Since its establishment in March 2009, BTP has launched six independent projects located in Ghana Africa, Hainan, Hong Kong, Sichuan, Yunnan and Inner Mongolia respectively.

We are constantly seeking to offer assistance to people based on need, improving the living condition of target regions, creating more opportunities for university students to join social service and encouraging the inter-cultural exchanges among diverse regions as well. Moreover, we are dedicated to spread the importance of social service by holding exhibitions which displays each and every project analytical report. The six long-term social service programmes held by BTP have gained remarkable achievement.

Aside from the regular summer social service programmes, BTP work collaboratively with other NGOs to hold different experiential activities, such as Struggle

for Survival and Refugee Run. Detailed information about the activities will be posted through our WeChat Official Account and Facebook.


Committee Recruitment 2019-2020:


Team Leaders:

Go 2 Africa Project: 5

Hello Neverland Project: 3~4

Home Kong project: 4

SinCere Project: 3~4

Yonder Narnia Project: 4

Into Miracle Project: 4

Home Kong Project 4

Internal and External Secretaries:

Training and Development Secretary: 2

Public Relationship Secretary: 1

Publicity Secretary: 2

Information Technology Secretary: 1

Finance Secretary: 1

The term of office for all positions is one year (from October 2019 to October 2020). For further details about position descriptions, requirements and application period, please refer to our social media accounts.

Interview Arrangement

There will be one or two rounds of interviews. For those who are not in Hong Kong during interview period, BTP will have video interviews with them.

Information Session

In order to offer more details about committee recruitment, BTP will hold two information sessions on HKU campus recently (For details please look forward to further notices). Board members will present the development of BTP, and team leaders of Go 2 Africa Project, Hello Neverland Project, SinCere Project, Yonder Narnia Project, Home Kong Project and Into Miracle Project will share their experience in the past year.

We will also offer participants a chance to communicate with team leaders directly after the information sessions.

For More Information

Official Website:

Official WeChat: HKUBTP

Official Facebook: