We are committed to providing young people with a broad platform for volunteer activities, hoping to change the world with practical actions by virtue of the spirit of volunteers.

Beyond the pivot (BTP) aims to spread the spirit of volunteers, gather every tiny force and start to change from little to little.

A legal non-government organization registered in Hong Kong
(charity tax file No. 91 / 10725)

Mission & Values

  1. We hope to change the world with volunteer spirit through practical actions.

  2. We are committed to providing young people with a broad platform for voluntary social services, and cultivating their sense of social responsibility and global citizenship.

  3. We are committed to improving the status quo of education, poverty, health care, information technology and cultural conservation at the aided areas.

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Our Goals

  1. To create more opportunities of voluntary social services.

  2. To improve the living standards of the aided areas.

  3. To promote cultural exchanges among regions and popularize the concept of voluntary service.

History of BTP

BTP was founded in 2009 and affiliated to the "student institution incubation program" of the University of Hong Kong. Since its establishment, BTP has carried out eight independent volunteer projects -- Go2Africa, Hello Neverland, SinCere, Home Kong, Into Miracle, Yonder Narnia, SAGA and Mianhuasha Project.

BTP has made outstanding achievements in six long-term volunteer projects. For example, the Africa team was received by the vice president of Ghana; the Hainan and Sichuan project made the headlines of the local media; BTP was also selected to become a member of the "student institution incubation program" by the University of Hong Kong.

Among the eight volunteer projects, teaching academic subjects and personal quality development courses is a routine. Furthermore, each project team inherited the tradition and innovated at same time, and carried out many special activities to meet the needs of the project group.

In addition to summer education support project, BTP also cooperated with non-governmental organizations to organize experiential activities, such as “Struggle for Survival”-- lets participants to experience a highly realistic "extremely poor day"; “Dialogue in the Dark” -- lets participants to experience the daily life of visually impaired people deeply; “Refugee Run”-- allows participants to experience the escape journey of real refugees. In 2021, SAGA project was founded to accompany and teach children who suffer from leukemia and are not able to go back to school.