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Mianhuasha Project

The Mianhuasha project team was formally established in 2021 and has launched a long-term cooperation with the Mianhuasha Bookstore. The backwardness of rural education caused by the imbalance of educational resources in Hunan cannot be ignored. Children in remote villages and towns generally lack limited knowledge and motivation to learn. The project is not limited to the content of school textbooks. The courses provided are designed to build children's understanding of everything in the world, expand their knowledge, and encourage thinking about future visions and dreams. Let's take love as the foundation, accompany it with our hearts, and use knowledge as our sail to lead children to explore "poetry and distance". Maybe the power of each "I" is small, but the shimmer will find the shimmer, the shimmer will illuminate the shimmer, and love can be infinitely magnified. Cotton sand will not be the end, one day this group of cotton-like pure white children will eventually fly catkins, and they will be strong enough at that time to extend this love.

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